Vote Jamie Whitham on June the 8th for Reading West

A Green MP in Reading West stands for:-

Reading West comes first

The Green Party doesn't have a whip system, meaning Green MPs are semi-independent and able to do their best for the people they represent.

About Jamie

Jamie was born in Reading in 1974 attending Coley Park Primary School for a number of years from 1978. After a spell away from Reading in the 1980s he returned in 1995 to study Cybernetics and Control Engineering at The University of Reading.

Jamie joined the Green Party in 2010 after helping Reading's first Green Councillor Rob White, to be elected.

In 2012 Jamie was elected as the third Green Party councillor on Reading Borough Council. During his four years on the council he sat on the Traffic Management Sub-Committee, Planning Applications Committee, Cycle Forum, Strategic Environment Planning & Transport Committee as well as others.

Jamie is a keen cyclist having recently completed a ride from the equator just north of Quito in Ecuador all the way to Ushuaia at the southern most tip of Argentina.

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